Doni Koli

Rethinking The World

Anthony Giddens, one of the must known sociological thinker pointed out that the world in which we live nowadays is far from being an era marked by one subject to tight human mastery. Almost to the contrary, it is one of dislocation and uncertainty world, a runaway world (Giddens, 1994: 4). The main problem of this contemporary era is not the multiple issues whose in along days ago appear in such blatant and obvious manner namely, the clash between the right and the left, or in a proper way the clash between capitalism and socialism (Giddens, 1998: 44).

Unprecedented hegemony of global capitalism has shifted our focus and mindset on “daily normal state of things” and changed the basic questionings paradigm laying the dormant of our societies. The central task orientation of the socio-politic terrain has moved from a theme that emphazises subject exertion to fight social injustice to a matter of advocating the values of life and culture.

I think, we are all facing the same predicament in today coronavirus outbreak. Any kind of trauma, shock and mental crisis force us for “actioning” a kind of returning to the basic, our symbolic tabularasa, without us knowing the truth behind the genesis of this biological weapon. In last couple of years, after the SARS and ebola epidemics, we were told again and again that a new and even much stronger epidemic is just  matter of time. Although we were rationally convinced of the truth of these direct predictions, we somehow didn’t take them seriously and were reluctant to act and engage in serious preparation. While now this crisis do shake us out of our complacency, urges us to make social locking and  distancing without us knowing that some of us “exploiting” this pandemic outbreak. Besides, in a spiritualized form, we are more encouraged to questioning our fundamental lives, shaking our old habit and revitalizing our moral value without us knowing “how far” this pandemic threathening us and future of our life. Consequently, our very effort is immersed in such  a pseudo activity; an urge to act and act that indeed sustain our very impotence of really doing effective things. Such  activities that stand for our very passivity.

This is what I mean by suggest the imperative to rethinking the world. There was a good wisdom noted that; “We often talk about something instead of doing it, but anytimes we also do things in order to avoid and thinking about them” (Zizek, 2009: 11). Now, we need to step out from this cage of very passivity. It is time to look back and say the right thing, even if  it sounds a little bit naive.

Back to 2008 financial crisis meltdown, we recalled a “shock” history when the bailing out of the banks had secure the “wall street alliance” from bankruptcy while millions of “mainstreet” ordinary people lost their small savings. It was Naomi Kleyn, whom through her book, The Shock Doctrine: The rise of Disaster Capitalism, proposed a sensitive but pertinent key thesis. She noted that; “The history of contemporary free market was written in shocks” (2007: iii).

Perhaps today we are dealing with the same problem due to the conjunction between coronavirus pandemic and global fetishistic ideology; capitalism. Far from conclusion about enacting the global communism awareness, I suggest that we need to draw a reversal but even more proper and plausible deal that the coronavirus outbreak can be another “shocktheraphy” of global capitalism. The conundrum is not yet discovered. In spite of that, we must always bear in mind that the story is not finished yet, the global capital “tricky” machine is as usual keep its eyes on us and we keep struggling to reach the truth.

Until that time comes, in this difficult times it’s more important for us to take care of ourselves, share the good things with others and according to the existing safety procedures. (Finished…) [Read this Part 1].


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